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He (swt) is Beauty, He loves beauty and He only creates beauty. If you see beauty, capture it... don't let it get away.



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بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Peace and hellos :]

To remove materialism
To forget and withdraw
To simply be satisfied
To never stop trying
To show those who matter
That I can start and finish this
In His Name.

The aim of my art is to capture my unique personal struggles and journey towards God and His chosen ones [peace be on them] while being geographically static. I also want to inspire others ethereally. I hope the persistence I show in my art demonstrates that pain, struggling, and yearning are beautiful aspects of living.

- aliya.
إِنَّ اللَّهَ يُحِبُّ الْمُحْسِنِينَ
"Allah loves the Muhsineen" [2:195]

This may not hit many as much as it continues to hit me every day. However, I made it a year goal this past Muharram to discover the meaning of "Ihsaan" and every clue gets me closer to understanding it. This struggle to understand three letters has become the definition of my artwork this year and I think this is important to share.

ن س ح ha seen noon. The root word of Ihsaan means beauty/perfection/excellence/good. This root word, and alternatives of it make up many other words/names/titles such as,

Hassan - means beauty
Husain - means beauty
Muhsin - means striver of beauty
Umm Kulthum - means mother of beauty
Zainul Abideen - means beauty of the worshippers
Qamar bani hashim - means beauty/full face of the hashimites.

So if these personalities encompass "beauty", it makes Imam Ali the father of beauty, the father of the mother of beauty, the father of the beauty of the Hashimites, the father of the striver of beauty, the grandfather of the beauty of worshippers and it could go on. I mean, we're talking about Ameerul Mu'mineen, Asadullah, Abu Turab, Ali.

But "Zaynab"... This name means the "beauty of her father" only signifying that the two Zaynabs, daughters of Ali, are the beauty of Imam Ali. This is no interpretation of mine that the children of Ali and Fatimah are examples for us to become beautiful as well. We have hadith that the Prophet received revelations from Allah for the names of Hassan, Husain, and Zaynab.

The Ahlul Bayt are beauty upon beauty, huh? And even more beautiful are the women of the Ahlul Bayt, as ultimately the peak of beauty lies with Zahra (sa). She is Umme Abiha, the mother of her father Muhammad al-Mustafa (s) and Muhammad is the best of creation.

Ultimately, the owner of Beauty is Allah swt who is Beauty and loves beauty.


Building ihsaan by pinkyaliya
Building ihsaan
For the men who went back to Imam Husain - Juwayn bin Malik, Harith bin Amri al Qays, Hulas bin Umro, Zahir bin Saleem, Abdullah bin Bashir, Abd ar Rahman bin Masud, Umar bin Dhabi'a, Qasim bin Habib al Azdi, Nu'man bin Umro, Sa'd bin Harith, Abu al Hatuf bin Harith, Yazid bin al Kindi, Bakr bin Hai, Hur bin Yazid al Riyahi and many more of the hundreds of men forgotten in Karbala.

Ihsaan - to strive for perfection/beauty/excellence. I had thought that striving meant going forward - improving ourselves through the passing of time, but it doesn't have to be limited by the laws of this dimension. I wish we could go back in time to when striving towards perfection literally took form when Hur strived towards Aba Abdillah, as he pulled his legs from one side of the battlefield to the other.
And we can.
We can strive backwards through time not physically, but intellectually and emotionally as our minds are not bound by time (we can travel through memories) and our hearts are not bound by space (we can travel by love).

And so, let's break the container which holds time, collect the fallen sand, and rebuild Tuf. This Muharram, when our minds travel back by love, let's be conscious of the strides Hur took and follow him to Imam Husain.

To build ihsaan is to build a fortress of excellence within us. And as humans with minds and hearts, we can build this fortress by striving back in time to the moment Hur took his first free step.

Weirdest sources of inspiration. Credit is due to the artist of Braid (the video game)
Ihsaan by pinkyaliya

Ihsaan - to strive for excellence/beauty
The Virgin of Qom by pinkyaliya
The Virgin of Qom
I don't know what hijab is but I have learned somewhere that ihsaan doesn't just mean perfection/beauty, it also means to build around something to protect it. Maybe hijab is like water - poured into a container but free to flow. I do know three things though.

November 9, 2013
1. The shia have something special. They beat themselves over a man who died thousands of years before our time, trade their hands and feet to visit his grave, and they make themselves bleed just to feel a little of the pain he [a] went through.
The shia have the capacity to love like no other, to spread peace like no other, and to sympathize like no other. Their emotions and understanding of truth is not restricted to time or material. They can both feel a wound that is not theirs and a wound that happened thousands of years ago to be something that inflicts them today. They also feel something that will happen in the future to have happened today (al ajal!).
How I wish I could rest my head in her [sa] lap. have her stroke my cheeks, run her fingers through my hair, wipe my tears, stay by my side forever... smiling with me.
But they [la] killed her.
And so this strong love that the shia feel for her [sa] drives anger and hatred for the ones on the other side of the door.
The shia have fire within them but they don't let it out... they feed it.

June 26, 2014
2. Can you see the sun? No, you cannot. You’ll blind yourself before you see it because the sun is hidden behind the very light that it radiates. The sun’s hijab is its light. Hijab is not something we cover ourselves with, hijab is an extension of the self. In the same way, the sun cannot see Zahra because the light which radiates from her blessed self blinds the infinite universe. Her hijab is so strong that we've even lost her grave. Just like our cell phones are extensions of ourselves, our hijab must be applied to everything we do. I don't know what that means.

3. If you can't visit Sayeda Fatima az Zahra, visit her daughter in Qom. Today is her birthday/wiladat and I feel guilty that I can't even adopt the ihsan of her hijab.

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