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He (swt) is Beauty, He loves beauty and He only creates beauty. If you see beauty, capture it... don't let it get away.



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بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Peace and hellos :]

To remove materialism
To forget and withdraw
To simply be satisfied
To never stop trying
To show those who matter
That I can start and finish this
In His Name.
إِنَّ اللَّهَ يُحِبُّ الْمُحْسِنِينَ
"Allah loves the Muhsineen" [2:195]

This may not hit many as much as it continues to hit me every day. However, I made it a year goal this past Muharram to discover the meaning of "Ihsaan" and every clue gets me closer to understanding it. This struggle to understand three letters has become the definition of my artwork this year and I think this is important to share.

ن س ح ha seen noon. The root word of Ihsaan means beauty/perfection/excellence/good. This root word, and alternatives of it make up many other words/names/titles such as,

Hassan - means beauty
Husain - means beauty
Muhsin - means striver of beauty
Umm Kulthum - means mother of beauty
Zainul Abideen - means beauty of the worshippers
Qamar bani hashim - means beauty/full face of the hashimites.

So if these personalities encompass "beauty", it makes Imam Ali the father of beauty, the father of the mother of beauty, the father of the beauty of the Hashimites, the father of the striver of beauty, the grandfather of the beauty of worshippers and it could go on. I mean, we're talking about Ameerul Mu'mineen, Asadullah, Abu Turab, Ali.

But "Zaynab"... This name means the "beauty of her father" only signifying that the two Zaynabs, daughters of Ali, are the beauty of Imam Ali. This is no interpretation of mine that the children of Ali and Fatimah are examples for us to become beautiful as well. We have hadith that the Prophet received revelations from Allah for the names of Hassan, Husain, and Zaynab.

The Ahlul Bayt are beauty upon beauty, huh? And even more beautiful are the women of the Ahlul Bayt, as ultimately the peak of beauty lies with Zahra (sa). She is Umme Abiha, the mother of her father Muhammad al-Mustafa (s) and Muhammad is the best of creation.

Ultimately, the owner of Beauty is Allah swt who is Beauty and loves beauty.


Sketchbook Sundays - On the line by pinkyaliya
Sketchbook Sundays - On the line
Maybe I should have introduced Sketchbook Sundays, first.

Sorry about this one.

"I can't speak about David, as it would be considered backbiting, but I can speak about his faculties as autonomous features (his eyes, his tongue, his hands), right? (Nope. Consider yourself warned).

David's fucking eyes - and I mean the term in its traditional sense. Where many girls expressed their uneasiness around David's eyes, and thus justifying their leave, I continued conversing with them (where in one point of my life I wasn't confident enough, this is the time when I was too confident). While David knew he shouldn't literally touch me, David's eyes unlawfully sexually penetrated me without my consent. David's eyes stole certain human needs from within me... needs I protected for so many years.  And worse yet, David's eyes weren't even nice.

David knew not to touch me. He knew the first month we conversed, the second, and the third. In the third month, he expressed his desire to hug me although he didn't. However, David knowing didn't stop David's arm from getting as close as possible to my arm. So close that if I had another layer of skin on my arm, David's arm and mine would touch. David still knew the eighth month, however, David's arm seemed to forget what David knew when David's arm almost rested over my shoulders.

David's tongue had touched alcohol. The very same tongue
The very same tongue praised and glorified my intelligence, strength and personality, for amusement. David's tongue could not steal anything physical from me, so David's tongue tried to reach inside my ears to rid me of my intelligence.
David's fingers spoke too. They dialed my number too often at one time and texted me in the night, and sometimes not so often. David's fingers would invite me to David's home, to David's parties, to David's close circle of friends. David conversed by touch, so we couldn't speak much but that didn't stop David's fingers from trying that night."
Daniels' Mind by pinkyaliya
Daniels' Mind
No, not Sunday but I figured if I post this now, it'll force me to draw more for Sunday. Kinda cheesed I lost my sketchbook and have to make all new drawings but it's a good way to get me back into fine arts. 

Now I recognize the difference between how I felt during ziyarah and how I feel when I'm home. I have to admit it - I don't wake up in the early hours any more to bathe in my memories... I can't wake up because I can't get to sleep. Every time I try to re-live the beautiful memories of heaven's lands, I'm pulled back into the dunya. There, there was peace, beauty, solitude, satisfaction. Here, there are so many distractions, so many things to get done, so much unnecessary stress.

It feels so heavy here; it's hard to breathe. 

A few days ago, in class, I was learning about Le Corbusier's (an architect) plans to 'fix' the city. The medieval city was full of twists and chaos so he went in there and re-routed everything to a gridiron. My mind's going crazy right now; I need an architect to break my head open and rearrange the neurons. Someone, please, fix the neurons so I can fall asleep with Karbala in my mind's eye. 
Sketchbook Sundays - Dystopia by pinkyaliya
Sketchbook Sundays - Dystopia
Since September, I've been doing a lot of installation and video work. Not being able to upload most of the work on dA (and sometimes not willing to) I've recently started feeling detached from the dA community. I started this project in November 2014 with a youth group but never really got the chance to push it forward. Basically, I miss being an active member of the dA community and if me uploading stuff is an excuse to chat with you, then here - Sketchbook Sundays!

This idea lived in my mind for a while (and this is only half the idea... IReallyWannaKnow *cough*) but I never got around to sketching my part to my satisfaction. And then I did. Almost 2 weeks post-ziyarah from Iran and Iraq (yes, I finally went!), every day, I've been unintentionally waking up in the early hours of the day/night (whatever 4am is to you) with comfort and beauty surging through my body. Then I close my eyes, imagining myself in the sublime lands I once was in. When I open them, I see this... so I drew it.

(aaaand I'm having troubles remembering how to speak English. So, I'll just stop there).

Get on those 2015 goals, friends!

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